Relaxation of Covid restrictions, July 2021

Following consultation with the PCC, liaison with Public Health England in Wolverhampton, and examination of the updated Church of England guidelines, we are putting the following plan in place from Sunday 25th July:

 There is no requirement for social distancing or a limit on social interaction, but everyone should be sensitive to other people’s feelings on this.
 There will be a return to rows of seats rather than them being spaced in twos.
There will however be fewer rows, to allow for more space, and so it will be easy for people to distance themselves if they wish to. The red crosses will still be available for those who wish to indicate that they would prefer people not to sit next to them.
 The choir will return to its previous position and will robe.
 Unnecessary movement is discouraged. We will continue to share the peace “remotely” from our seats, and the offering plate will remain at the back of church.
 Hand sanitiser stations will remain.
 Communal singing is allowed, and so we expect to reintroduce hymns and other service music for everyone to sing.
 The procedure for taking communion one at a time from the centre of the sanctuary steps will remain.
 There will still be no shared chalice, communion will be in one kind only.
Face coverings
 We ask that you wear a face covering when coming to communion.
 People processing will do so wearing a face covering, as will the priest at communion.
 You may wish to consider whether you would like to wear a face covering when singing and when moving around the church.
 We do have a well ventilated building with plenty of space, but you may still wish to wear a face covering for the duration of the service. Please respect each other’s choices.
These policies will be kept under review and revised as necessary.
We continue to encourage everyone to get vaccinated, and to continue with symptomatic testing, and self isolation when instructed.

— Janet Taylor
Mon, 19 Jul 2021

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As Revd. Preb. Pat Hawkins is no longer vicar here please do not contact her. If you require ...
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Licensing of Rev Gennie Evans
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Summer Fete
Thank you to everyone that helped and supported us for our Summer fete. Watch for this space ...
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Memorial Services
We will be holding a service of Remembrance with silence on Sunday 13th November in our ...
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Christmas Fete
Our Christmas Fete is on Saturday 12th November at 11.30 am with stalls including bottle stall, ...
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Start your Advent season visiting prayer stations and trying your hand as some seasonal crafts. ...
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At this very busy time why not take a few moments to have a look at the services we have leading ...
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1st Sunday
On the first Sunday of each month the Sunday school join us for the whole service. There is a ...
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Fair Trade coffee evening
Our Brownies are hosting our Fair Trade coffee evening. Please come along and support us on ...
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Starfish: A new Coffee morning/ drop in on Thursday mornings 9.30- 12 noon in The Church of the ...
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Gifts for the Haven
If there are any donations of gifts for the Haven that you could not bring yesterday please can ...
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We have Christmas services this week,come and join us. There is Blue Christmas at 7.30pm on ...
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