Advent thoughts

Halloween has come and gone, the fireworks are mostly over, and with the change of the clocks the long dark months are definitely upon us. I know some people enjoy the winter, but, although I understand the appeal of sitting with the curtains drawn, warm and cosy by the fire, personally I am already counting the days to spring. Even so, this is one of my favourite times of the church’s year, as its rhythms fit very closely with the rhythms of nature. In November, as the last leaves fall from the trees, we remember those we have lost, personally and nationally. In December, as the days grow ever shorter, we look and pray and wait for the light which will come with the birth of Christ. And, of course, at the turn of the year, as the days, oh so slowly, start to lengthen again, we celebrate Christmas, the promise that “the light shines in the darkness”, God’s love is always with us. We have lots happening this December at the Church of the Epiphany, as well as our regular services every Sunday at 8am and 9.45 am. Why not come and join us?
— Pat Hawkins
Sun, 24 Nov 2013