Advent and Christmas

Advent Christmas 2019 I remember writing the Advent article for this time last year, and writing that time flies. Well, this year certainly seems to have flown. How can Advent be almost upon us, and how can it possibly be Christmas in a few short weeks’ time? Advent offers a period of waiting, of longing. We have 4 Sundays of Advent and this year on each Sunday we will think of the prophets, John the Baptist, Mary, and we ourselves as the people of God. Advent and Christmas, with their rich liturgy and beautiful readings, allow us to remember the Incarnation, the birth of Christ, God made Man. What difference does it make to us that Christ was born in humble circumstances, in exceptional circumstances, with extraordinary signs all around Him? What speaks to us in our lives of the love of God, a God who loved His people so much that after years of trying different ways of reconciling people to Him, he sent his son? For we must not leave the Christ child in the manger. To do that will be to miss the point. We have to allow Him to grow to maturity, and travel the road to Jerusalem with Him. We have to listen out for His voice and try to follow in His way. It’s a tall order, and amongst the busy-ness of life, the getting-ready-for-Christmas, the hundred and one things to be done, please try to make time for you this Advent and Christmas. Hopefully some of you will have been able to be at the Advent Quiet Morning on November 30 th . Take some time for you, to think about waiting for the Lord. The Christmas season lasts until February 2 nd when we celebrate Candlemass, and of course, before that we will celebrate the Feast of Epiphany. This year Bishop Clive will be with us as we celebrate, so please try to join us on January 6 th . I end with part of a prayer taken from the Wild Goose Publications book ‘Cloth for the Cradle’: Here is a place for you, Lord Jesus. Be born again, not in a manger, But in us. Make us your Bethlehem Where God is personal And all things and all people are made new. Amen. Rev. Anne
— Janet Taylor
Wed, 20 Nov 2019