Church opening

Church re-opens again from Sunday 28th March 2021 for services.
We have had an inspection from Public Health who were happy with our risk assessment and Covid precautions.
There will be services during Holy Week, but not as many as normal, and they will be adapted for the circumstances.
They will be as follows:
Sunday 28th March 10:45am - Palm Sunday – said Eucharist with music and blessing of palms
Thursday 1st April 7:30pm - Maundy Thursday Eucharist – there will be no foot washing but there will be a time for reflection, the congregation is invited to stay in their seats in silence for a few minutes following the service
Friday 2nd April - 10:30am – Informal Outdoor Service followed by walk through church and collection of Pre-ordered Messy Easter in a Bag
2:00pm – Liturgy of The Cross with communion in one kind from the Reserved Sacrament
Sunday 4th April 10:45am – Easter Sunday & First Eucharist of Easter said with music and Renewal of Baptism Vows
It will be great to be able to worship together again. At the same time, please do consider your own personal circumstances and risks before deciding whether to attend. We are all still part of the Church community, whether or not we are able to meet in person.
For those of you planning to come next Sunday, remember that the clocks go forward next Saturday night, otherwise you'll miss the service!
— Janet Taylor
Mon, 22 Mar 2021